Barcode Font Code GS1-128

The GS1 128 barcode model is also known as EAN 128, UPC 128 or CODE 128. More comprehensive than the other codes, EAN 128 / UPC 128 is complementary, based on application prefixes, identifying the meaning and format of data.

This bar code can even be applied to distribution units, allowing the identification of lot number, series, manufacture, validity, free texts and other data. Being the only one of the alphanumeric EAN system composed according to its application.

GS1 128 Barcode

All of our barcode fonts need conversion to generate the barcode, your application or system needs to do this conversion even for the font full version.

We recommend that you download the demo version and follow the steps on how to transform the data into a barcode, we reinforce that the conversion must be done by your application or systeam according to the instructions in the manual.

Download of Demo Version:

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